F.T. Karall Company

Would your life be better off if it included a good relationship with an accounting firm that excels in personal service?

Reality is you need help filing taxes, understanding the laws, answers to where are there tax breaks, and much more. We are the accountants for the artist, contractors, retailers, bar and restaurants, professionals, real estate owners, and a few more niches. Concentrating on only so many areas allows us to add value for less fee than every larger firm would charge. Know that the Tax Cut Act of 2017 has changed your world. It would be nice to talk to someone who understood the new laws and how they relate to your situation, right?

Other areas of our service include:

We can help with understanding your POS system. Frank Karall and his Financial Planning team can help with planning a financial future for yourself and loved ones. Pretty much if there is a dollar sign in your question we have something to say about it, and yes you need to hear how the Tax Cut Act of 2017 is affecting your tax situations.

Did I say we can keep your books for you? Come and talk and see if we are a good fit for you.